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lets talk about music again
what you listening to anons?
i've been listening to meme shit again
for as cringey as /pol/ can be, their anthem not bad


>can't upload mp3
>can't upload webm > 120s
you want me to post jewtube links?




shaddap nigger im a local
.>we havent had a music thread in a while


I'll fix it eventually


listening to nofx regan youth and msi lately


Been listening to a lot of this lately.


I lik /monster/core music


1200s now


File: 1565567107124-0.mp3 (13.72 MB, 1 - Egyptian Danza.mp3)

File: 1565567107124-1.flac (57.36 MB, 01 - Dunkelheit.flac)

testing mp3 and flac


File: 1565571226517.mp3 (5.76 MB, 09. Beneath Cowdenbeath.mp3)



obligatory kommando post


thats a nice beat


these chan songs kinda suck tbqh for the most part
this ones okay the 99chan song is too but i have go looking for that


i actually happen to really enjoy the k mashup


to be fair im grading this by taste and its just literally not my thing and maybe its good for what it is
im of the opinion everything but /sp/ was unusable trash on 4chins past 2009
im glad all the drama happened at least i have a few fwends to post with about sports on an altchan


File: 1565575944332.mp4 (10.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, boomhauer.mp4)


Kya soorat hai kya soorat hai kya soorat hai
No one so sexy
In the whole galaxy
You make my heart go beating harder


File: 1565615255307.webm (2.42 MB, 480x360, 4:3, arthur janny.webm)



File: 1565762298527.mp3 (6.41 MB, Echo and the Bunnymen - Pr….mp3)



fuck me in da bum
pound me arse


File: 1565762821868.jpg (28.56 KB, 235x270, 47:54, norf.jpg)

oi you right ropey ol tart eh
lessee yur fanny then


this pic cracks me up every time


whats the name of this spanimal


i like how this was the highlight of his trip to the NORF


Nigel Norf


not even the most emotionally hardened of spartans wants to spam the pics of the blasted ass cows he shagged

nige seems like a top lad anyways


>blasted ass cows



I really really like all 4 Death Grips albums. I used to hate them for the longest and thought they were a dumb meme but I started listening to them and man they are pretty good. I generally hate rap too. But I really like the sounds in it.


>meme grips
>I generally hate rap too. But I really like the sounds in it.
you are undeniably white


and thats bad
heres why:


rap is nigger music and you are a faggot


Would you rather be anything else? Yikes


the song with charles manson was kind of catchy at the beginning but anything of theirs (including that) that I've tried to listen to more than once left me feeling bored and tired. the singer/rapper nigger just yells and comes across like some edgy satanist fag. I hope they all die in a rampage shooting.



File: 1566107162349.mp3 (8.58 MB, The Stooges - Down On The ….mp3)


gh-ghost highway?


File: 1566108164635-0.mp3 (13.63 MB, 07 - San Ber'dino.mp3)

File: 1566108164635-1.mp3 (6.73 MB, 15 Captain Beefheart and T….mp3)


no budy


File: 1566108364478-0.mp3 (7.55 MB, Brian Eno - Burning Airlin….mp3)

File: 1566108364478-1.mp3 (7.11 MB, Brian Eno - St. Elmo's Fir….mp3)

File: 1566108364478-2.mp3 (12.2 MB, Steely Dan-Black Cow.mp3)


File: 1566108714556-0.mp3 (4.03 MB, 104-charles_mingus-self-po….mp3)

File: 1566108714556-1.mp3 (12.37 MB, 01. Meeting Of The Spirits.mp3)

File: 1566108714556-2.mp3 (8.39 MB, 07. You Know, You Know.mp3)


File: 1566109357352-0.mp3 (28.28 MB, King Crimson - Starless.mp3)

File: 1566109357352-1.mp3 (9.06 MB, Ain't Misbehavin'.mp3)




File: 1566139146070.jpg (190.18 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, me irl tbh.jpg)

>mahavishnu orchestra
shame jazz became the music of unemployment right when it stared actually getting somewhere.

mingus, and especially his band in the 60s, were pushing music so fucking hard its amazing it didnt break.
guy should be considered a 20th century classical composer. what he was doing went far beyond anything jazz, or even classical music had done before or since. and unlike the serialist/post-modern garbage, its actually listenable



> mingus


problem wh*teboi?
mingus ate crackers like you for breakfast




Shut the fuck up


Been listen to a lot of Ambient/ Dark Ambient stuff recently.


File: 1566265892582.jpg (142.31 KB, 1200x735, 80:49, me.jpg)

your just too much of a plebian to appreciate truly intellectual music such as this
i pity you….. i really do


I hate the bearded dudes but jazz and punk were the only genres that challenged anything in forever so your kinda right


File: 1566266112026.mp4 (1.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, frogs - raped.mp4)


File: 1566309963837.mp4 (43.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Telephone Awoo (Complete V….mp4)



File: 1566311030809.jpeg (147.34 KB, 767x738, 767:738, slovborg plz 4pol 8-18-19.jpeg)

beards are fake and gay



I don't know, it comes off as hype for me, which I like.


fair enough, mate


to me you need to have a taste for death metal to like death grips its what they are most musically similar too along with shitcore/noise/heavy industrial which are all genres i unironically like

i like the sound of pure aggression put on record
big black metal fan and i can unironically listen to merzbow


i liked hella better tbf

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