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File: 1565455328808.jpg (137.43 KB, 747x757, 747:757, jeff.jpg)


Sometimes I look at this apple and I think…..
Is the world really ran by elite satanic pedophiles ???


yawn literally four hours old


yes, I want to buy the Chicago Cubs and relocate them


File: 1565455674176.jpg (84.79 KB, 606x485, 606:485, IronCross Ann.jpg)

Someone needs to get Ann her Skull Mask…


That bish is poison


Shut up GHOST.
Fuhrer Anne is going to put you and the rest of the filthy DEMOCRATS like you into the ovens but this time for real.


File: 1565456364056.png (663.51 KB, 936x1170, 4:5, x89P9pH.png)


shes fucking hideous and a phony why would you defend her?


File: 1565457267172.png (41.69 KB, 633x301, 633:301, census questions.png)


Ann regularly names the you know whos.
Its ok Buckeye, when the armies come for you I will make sure your death is slow and painful


he doesn't even deserve it


>Official Eyes Wide Shut was a Documentary Thread
ooooh dont get me started

>kubrick was a weird guy
>involved in hollywood for a while
>his career predates most modern pedowood cults
>predates scientology
>last flick is about weird masonic sex orgies for elites
>gets ded before release
>flick gets chopped up then released
>stars of film are tom cruise and his late wife
>plot is that tom cruise infiltrates cult, fucks up, then gets owned (literally) as well as his wife by elite cult
>wifeys monologue after tom fucks up reads like a manuscript of what happened to tom in the following years

<__the fallout__

<tom cruises irl marriage falls the fuck apart hes a fagsee below
<out of work for a bit w legal issues
<suddenly finds "god" rather, dr hubbard
<donates 1 gorillion dollars to scientology so they can take the evil alien spirits out of him
<church arranges for a new beard for him, finds him work
<toms infamous appearance on opera
<tom and his new wife are now property of the church

i once talked to a dude who claimed to have been paid a handsome amount by one of tom cruises guards at a famous people LA afterparty, to visit a hotel room and fuck a naked, face-down tom cruise in the middle of the room. no words were spoken and he was told to never speak of it again

i think kubrick was poking fun at the scientologists for being fucked in the head, got heart-attacked for it, then tom was destroyed, then given "salvation" from the church, whom he is now being whored out by figuratively and literally

theres more, like how the organ/ritual scene seems to remind one of the sound of a mellotron hubbards favorite instrument. he had 2 of the 16 originals made. one in the church. one in the middle of his house but this is already TL;DR


it is a TL;DR
but i gotta say i love kubricks movies they look awesome up scaled to 4k


Stanley GHOSTbrick was a hack


sportschan is a bigger death cult than scientology could ever hope to be


you must have an high IQ to understand ~~Nolan~~ ugh Kubrick


File: 1565476760371.jpg (240.26 KB, 1317x957, 439:319, interesting399.jpg)

You should also look up stuff about Nicole Kidman's father who was an "allegedly" a part of a child kidnapping and murder cult.

Kubrick was an insane perfectionist both for directing and casting.


everyone gives the guy a bad rap cuz he was "too hard on his actors" and other crybaby bullshit, but i dont buy it. actors are the most fucking overpaid slobs in the entire world, and i mean that literally.
they deserve physical punishment if theyre too fucking stupid to remember like five lines and a couple marks while getting paid millions of doll hairs


File: 1565482460319.jpg (95.79 KB, 634x587, 634:587, 263714234_132569.jpg)


lel how much do you have to pay a drugged up 14yo to sit on that veggie's face?


She is probably hooked on drugs and threatened with being the next one on the sacrificial altar to Moloch, she does it out of fear and for a bump.


sounds like heaven on earth


>If I Did It


probably a few pokemon cards and lip gloss


>convicted pedophile
it greatly upsets me that it doesnt say "convicted child sex trafficker and pedophiile"

i hope the #meetoo generation spergs out enough so that the case doesnt just get snapped shut like last time after the plea bargain.
as of just yesterday, there was a shit ton of documents up on deck for being reviewed for that case. and we still havent heard any testimonies from anybody


to be fair human trafficking is a broad term. you could steal someones wallet and tell them to do something for somebody and thats human trafficking.

plus these childrens involved, if they have a chance a normal life now i would let it be. getting them to testify would screw them up even more.


who gives a shit about the victims lamo


they will never stop snitchbron will they?


>giving any sort of validation to that psychotic mob

it seems the girls involved were adolescent mini whores, not the prepubescent "children" one typical associates with pedophiles


File: 1565557444886.mp4 (1.87 MB, 720x720, 1:1, vpn3i3jaHox1tp17.mp4)

Can you fucking Nazi's stuff your ridiculous conspiracy theories and think about the people you hurt ? FUCK YOUR LIES.


Sick of the NEETzi conspiracy theorists here.


>people of color
>like epstein
what in the fuck is going on


finally 100% admission that jews are not white


further proof that they are shapeshifters


should help our fwends

the librejp sp alliance cannot die here








im in charge here
now gimme that tight hole


File: 1565714719971.gif (1.3 MB, 498x278, 249:139, tenor.gif)


why is there no librejp bunker here




File: 1565718808714-0.png (788.47 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Epimeliad.png)

File: 1565718808714-1.gif (266.47 KB, 408x750, 68:125, hwite epimeliad.gif)

one day you will gaze deep into the eyes of an apple grill while asking her if the world is really ran by elite satanic pedophiles


in my headcannon the epimeliad are 12 years old


File: 1565722319539.jpg (120.64 KB, 768x768, 1:1, EBplJnmUIAAxVhh.jpg)

Any one look into those black book leaks ?
I kind of want to check them out but Im pretty sure /pol/ is a honeypot at this point.


ddudeman needs to make /librejp/


/librejp/ are friends. if they want to come here I'll make them a bunker


from what i understood they were very picky about their styles/localization and spent a lot of time with endchan staff fixing it


I can always make changes to the board


File: 1565735425929.png (6.5 MB, 6829x3774, 6829:3774, gofucjkyourmother2.png)

i was looking at the court mandate that unsealed the first batch on the 9th
ngl i got a bit demoralized when he turned up dead the next day tho

also, speaking of schizophrenia, check out this EPIC spider chart.


where does goatbro fit into this chart?


File: 1565736146164.jpg (31.12 KB, 308x308, 1:1, Goatbro.jpg)


Wow, Mr. GOATBro was that close with the president?


File: 1565738643787.png (26.89 KB, 703x385, 703:385, Oekaki.png)

not exactly


thanks ryan dawson! very cool!


File: 1565740233151.png (19.1 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)



i take no credit for this particular schizophrenia tho i wish i could


>not knowing who ryan dawson is


of course im aware of who he is
i got the chart from his site


Its probably GHOST or Buckeye, they would fear Dawson is going to cause another shoah with his hate facts.

He really has some of the best content for outlining the (((NeoCon))) narrative in the Middle East for the past 30 years.


lel i was just confused and thought he was saying i was ry

i agree, i like his work. its consistently accurate and he updates it as time goes on, he names names, and pulls absolutely no punches against israel.
plus unlike all the other cucks who jumped on the altright faggot train, hes stayed pretty goddamned consistent with his worldviews over the years.


Give me a torrent for Eyes Wide Shut NOW


File: 1565801934954.jpg (21.68 KB, 600x452, 150:113, giveup.jpg)

Think of the starving millionaire actors and the starving billionaire production companies !!! Mister Golenblatz wont be able to afford a new yacht this year because of CHILLING EFFECT of stealing copyrighted intellectual properties !!!

You have been Red Flagged for this post. Only KKK Neo-Nazi Alt-Right White Supremascists try to steal content from multinational coroporations ! Multinational corporations are the good guys now !!


check rutracker faggt
just be sure to specify "ENG" in your search
also look for the terms "aудио" audio and either "ENG" or "английский" english


ugh how about no. download it, burn it on a cd and mail it to xir.


>having an CD burner
<in current year

*sent from my iphone


I have it on this server


Cant wait to gay


im already gay and i love it


File: 1565884726027.png (1.07 MB, 680x672, 85:84, ClipboardImage.png)


boomer tier shoop


its a very nice shoop


was a painting in epstein's apartment


is reel tho
jeffy had it hanging in his house

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