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About 20 or so VPS providers closed down today. My host is not in the list, but I do not want to give them too much credit.
I have backed up the site. If it goes down, you know why.


How does kc feel about kohlchan? Is it a worthy successor to kaycee?
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thanks for the bstory I saw u guys posting it didnt understand


I would use it if it weren't for the banner content. I like that it has a tor front end but i find what it's being associated with a complete shame. I can't trust the mods.


loli is love loli is life!


It's down again


File: 1578170085400.png (73.46 KB, 800x750, 16:15, 1324345508001.png)

It's up again

File: 1575909104130-0.jpg (47.74 KB, 557x458, 557:458, Join Zmood_com by wishing ….jpg)

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The country balls are very based here.


Check in endchan/kc, that's where we reside normally, this is our bunker. I pop in every few days to see what's going on. Or if the site is still up, fjf.


sportschan has way way better uptime than endchan lol


endchan's uptime is pretty good it just sometimes switches to the beta site they used when did the database, for like 10 seconds randomly.


Yeah, sometimes I get redirection.

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Hi Bernd, consider joining this Bernd dedicated board
It has KC theme(right top corner button)


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Fuck off ryssä scum


File: 1573840794003.png (205.55 KB, 196x200, 49:50, maus.png)



Is the site owner still here?

File: 1559845757350-0.jpg (13.8 KB, 200x159, 200:159, c03ac91dd36783f0a1b6c77b3e….jpg)

File: 1559845757350-1.png (607.83 KB, 601x557, 601:557, 40b7cf8ac3a14066808c652fc8….png)

File: 1559845757350-2.jpg (12.84 KB, 241x232, 241:232, 3e0db961dc412807176e1303d2….jpg)

File: 1559845757350-3.jpg (19.89 KB, 273x252, 13:12, d517451f355ba070f57b6cd0bf….jpg)

File: 1559845757350-4.jpg (30.17 KB, 324x196, 81:49, 132690d2001472d3f526602656….jpg)


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All right. These guys are retarded. The parts of one vid is littered all around their channel, other videos are inserted between them.
And this one ends abruptly but can't find the 6th episode.


>*feds the golem a kosher cookie*
basado y rojopastillado


*falls under socialist policies*


File: 1573578451698.gif (2.22 MB, 297x229, 297:229, Mussolini.gif)

Fighting the commies on all the fronts I see.


100% WHITE

File: 1560365271522.png (559.95 KB, 1092x1023, 364:341, anger.png)

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Fukcing .xyz and fucking .net is fucking down fucking again%!
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Most likely.


odil is trying to update lc fyi


Yes. I think he already went from 1.7 to 2.0.


dev dot ec dot net


Huh, it's now 2.2.15. Soon getting soon.

File: 1570924542725.jpg (187.58 KB, 1110x737, 1110:737, _.jpg)


reminder there is no shame in using the word God


is that syria girl

File: 1570043054737.png (13.6 MB, 4000x2700, 40:27, 1547220285715.png)


Arbeit Macht Frei


very true


She looks happy smiling there in that marsh I wonder why


She was just drawn that way.

File: 1569323233946.jpg (84.04 KB, 760x571, 760:571, 572345_02-xx_Don_Freeman_4.jpg)


mach den mlb thread
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File: 1569596094751-0.jpeg (9.89 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Győr-Sharks.jpeg)

File: 1569596094751-1.jpg (296.56 KB, 966x1159, 966:1159, Miskolc-Steelers.jpg)

File: 1569596094751-2.jpeg (6.81 KB, 276x183, 92:61, Nyíregyháza-Tigers.jpeg)

Győr Sharks
Miskolc Steelers
Nyíregyháza Tigers

I've never seen not one match so I cannot tell a damn thing about them.


Apparently, yes we have baseball too:

From 1992, 38 teams, in 8 leagues…


>go for meta thread instead of the sport one and post tons of replies there


go steeler


How these teams picked their names?
Cowbells - dunno
Wolves - dunno
Heroes - reference to the siege of Eger in 1552
Enthroners - Fehérvár (that is Székesfehérvár) was the traditional place of coronation of Hungarian kings
Sharks - no idea
Steelers - Miskolc had considerable heavy industry, steel mill and such, has the nickname Steel City
Tigers - I believe Nyíregyháza's zoo was the first to have T-I-G-E-R-S in the country (maybe second after Budapest Zoo)

File: 1566842149507.jpg (279.28 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, teutoburg.jpg)


Thread dedicated to news. You know the drill, like posting rt links for proofs.

I rarely see one country producing so much butthurt around the world as Brazil does right now. Lengthy Op-Eds are comparing the destruction of the Amazonas with the Cuba crisis. Made me think to reforest one unnecessary country in Europe. The Latin aversion against forest comes from the Roman times, when Germans where hiding and attacking Roman legions in their forests. Link somewhat related, Bolsonaro called Macron's wife an old ugly hag.

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There's no surprise at all in the fires in the Amazon area. Nothing much abnormal. There was a concentration of organic matter from the last two years, which were rainy years, so this year the fires are slightly more common and stronger. The dry season is from August to October, peaking in September.
There was also a small rise in deforestation in comparison with the last years, but nothing big. The deforestation could happen after wood – WHICH WE SHOULD BE LEGALLY EXPLORING LIKE PEOPLE DO IN OTHER COUNTRIES, BUT WE ARE NOT, AND I BLAME TREE-HUGGERS FOR THIS ILLEGAL DEFORESTATION – or after opening space to create free range cattle – don't think it's the same meat you import from us, because it's not, our regulations are way heavier than it should, retardly heavy in everything, any militancy for a boycott would only hurt who LEGALLY creates cattle, and a healthier cattle than you could ever get in your own countries.
When they deforest an area by cutting down trees, they need to clean the terrain. So they cut trees before the dry season and let the dead vegetation die. So then they set fire to it. The green, wet, forest, will barely be burned. When they burn it's because there's a lot of dead trees already in there – and it's a natural phenomenon: around 30% of the trees in the forest are already dead by default, standing there hollow and drying as the time passes. So… One of two things will then happen when they set fire:
—When the rains come back (around November), if let alone, the forest will healthily start to grow back, healthier and now younger than before, the flora and fauna (who had run away from the area) will somewhat be reestablished after 10 years, the trees will be in a big size in 20 years, then you barely will notice that area had been burned. So setting fire to it ASAP is a better choice than leaving it dry and accumulating dead biologic matter. Tree-huggers are insane and, if it depended on them, we would see truly huge natural fire preceded by a dead forest, fucked up and taking a long time to recover. Fires in this case are a good thing.
—Or… If the intention was to clear the terrain for other uses, then the fire will be used for this. The problem is what happens next, they will plant grass so the forest won't grow back. But let me tell you it needs some Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


So… Given the proportions, the fires are irrelevant to the "big picture". Eurotards keep thinking about their own fires – and the picture on OP also points to their mistakes and unfair retarded mentality, planting inflammable eucalyptus and thinking they are "reforesting" anything, or reforesting stuff to cut it down for wood (which is not wrong, as long it's controlled; but that's where the unfairness and retardness comes in comparing it with the Amazon) –; and their fires are deadly, people die because of it, it gets our of control, far from what happens here. The Amazon is far, far away, from being at any risk. Retarded hysteric gringos were crying in the Internet as if it were to end.

There's more: the official statistics given by our government you use to see about Amazon deforestation don't even count the natural reforestation which is the norm. Some gringo retards were talking about "replanting trees". God damn it. This kind of stupidity makes me wish I could punch people in the face through my monitor. I wish I could beat them in the head until their brain forcefully starts working. THE FUCKING FOREST JUST REGENERATES NATURALLY. LIKE A FUCKING PLAGUE. Despite some completely out of reality theories (and which every Brazilian is used to since we are told a lot of lies in school, like the "lungs of the planet" thing), the Amazon Forest is resilient as fuck. As long as it rains (and, for fucking geographic reasons, it rains despite the retarded theory of the forest being necessary for them), as long as it rains, there will be the Amazon Forest. The shallow fertile soil, in most of Amazon, will manage to stay fertile without the forest as long as people don't really fuck up with it by planting something that leaves the ground unprotected to rain and wind (and planting grass to create cattle is safer to the terrain than the forest itself, grass is good to preserve it), and it's recoverable, far from being at risk of becoming a desert. The "flying river" narrative is bullshit. It only helps the center of Brazil, of cerrado (savanna-like) biome, and in a few months of the year. It's good for us to keep having three harvests a year, as it's common in Brazil – and farmers fully buy the flying river narrative and wouldn't want the surrounding forests down. The Amazon Forest, as long as the Earth keeps spinning on its Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


It all started for a few reasons, and keep in mind these below were Bolsonaro's campaign promises:

—Strong position of Bolsonaro over the Amazon sovereignty.

—Signals of Nationalism from Brazil, which should be crushed by the globalists.

—Refusal from Bolsonaro to accept globalist terms. Our ex-president Temer opened his legs to them and signed a retarded immigration deal and also the Paris Deal, which is completely unfair to developing countries. I'm not even telling you why the CO2 hysteria is wrong and how the growth of fuel usage is important to develop a country (even more important when the fuel prices are kept artificially expensive and they shall go down in the future); and if you disagree with me on this, just fuck off. Bolsonaro wanted to GTFO of it, but protectionists on other countries would use this as an excuse to boyccot our products, and the farmers asked Bolsonaro to don't leave it. Obviously, globalists didn't like Bolsonaro's "spiritual dissidence" from the deal, as it risked Brazil's future on it, which would induce other developing countries to leave alongside us.

—Refusal form Bolsonaro to keep funding Amazon NGOs. They were used for money laundering; for animal trafficking; for illegal activities in general; to indoctrinate indians to hate us and never assimilate with Brazilians, but with the NGOs aliens; and for "saving" Brazilian soil (with mineral reserves) so it can be explored by their own business, not Brazilian ones. That's nothing new, but it got worse after the Military Regime ended and internationalist social-democrats took over the country. We have 17 thousand NGOs "working" on Amazon. Most of them are ways to earn money illegally. In total, in Brazil, we have 400 thousand NGOs; most useless and laundering and sucking government's money.

—Interest of Bolsonaro to buy some anti-deforestation program, with AI, to increase our surveillance over the Amazon Area and to partially replace our INPE system (both would work alongside; INPE = National Institute of Spacial Research). The corporatists on INPE, Worker's Party (Lula)'s whores, got buttmad and decided to sabotage the country over this. The former president of INPE was spreading false information and narratives about the increase of the deforestation and moving hysteria about it. He allied himself to the GlobaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


—So, the Anti-Bolsonaro interest of the MSM and Globalists, who don't give a fuck to lie as long it's a narrative against him.

—European lobbyist interests to protect their own farmers and to expand European and globalist bargaining power over the future EU-Mercosur deal. Macron saw it as very convenient to expand his bargain power over us. Specially the globalists one, so they would control us better.

—And the usual globalist plans and capitalist/corporatist neo-imperialism. These want to "save" the Amazon for them, not respecting our sovereignty. Nothing new. Nothing new. This have been a threat to us for a long time. Our "indigenal reserves" are big the way they are for this sole reason. They have the size of a whole European country for some hundreds of indians, so the minerals can be held. So the soil/climate able to create biofuel easily is held. So the development of the countries gets concentrated with the older ones. I don't intend to enter in details about the globalist's parasitic strategy that fucks the whole world by one side and fucks their own host countries by the other. But the creation and upholding of "castes" and chaos are important.

The forest fires? It is a non-problem that was solved by non-solutions (fighting the fires by extinguishing it is worse than leaving it alone, we will pay the price in the next years, and there will be more non-problems and non-solutions making it even worse). The forest fires were never a real issue. What I listed above were the relevant things. It's all about Brazil's right to own its own land and electing whoever we want. It's all about making globalists and corporatists angry. It's not about the safety of the Amazon Forest.


>picture on OP
My bad. Actually I meant this picture here: >>325

Posting everything here for exercising and archival purposes, so I can copy it back when I get home and then post it somewhere else, since there's still a lot of misinformation going around about the Amazon. And I also get a preview of the post. It got too big.

File: 1567273045176.jpg (2.71 KB, 105x130, 21:26, images0E2GDDE7.jpg)


People aren't sweating or barely sweating and the causes are the soaps,creams,rubs,swimming pools,hot tubs,etc,etc.The nerve and skin damage.Feeling hot,burning,throbbing,puffy,dizzy and sick?The dry flaky skin.People aren't tanning.Monster scar faces.People are dying and suicides.The deaths of millions.Blinding headaches,brain aneurysms and brain damage.People are being balded by the shampoo.Air bubbles and dissolved air in fluids in IV bags,tubes and syringes is being injected into people causing strokes and deaths.People are being euthanized at hospitals and hospices.Hospital devices radiation damage.Operating table and bed murders and people being numbed by the dentist.Loud music in the cars backseat,etc,etc and eardrops are causing deafness.People are being poisoned,burned,infected,plugged,numbed,brain tumors,aneurysms,impotence,blinded,damaged,aged,crippled and balded by the shampoo,pills,gravity,working,stress,soaps,creams,rubs,people,viruses,mouthwash,nasal cleaners,eyedrops,eardrops,loud sounds,beverages and food.Sniffing deaths.Pins,etc,etc in the food and beverages.


Now we only need the spamming Ukrainian and we are set.

File: 1567281444653.png (4.03 KB, 200x112, 25:14, 1563043591595.png)


The parts of the spectrums of each thing that have the opposite reaction to the parts of the spectrums which cause aging,retards,sickness,etc,etc,and there's the other parts in the middle(example-the berry spectrum has healthy berries and poisonous berries and the other berries in the middle).The elements.Recreating various outside crisis situations(hungry,thirsty,stuck,etc,etc) or not results in invisibility and speed,omnipotence,superpeople,youngness,altering you and reality,personally affecting reality,your mind returning to the past(time travel).People who are acidic,nervous,shitty and others are being assalted,bleeding and puking acid.The soaps are killing people,the nerve and skin damage and where's the sweat and tan,feeling hot,dizzy,throbbing,burning and sick?The soaps are turning peoples faces into monster scar faces.Peoples bodies are being damaged and aged by the shampoo,hot tubs,swimming pools,soap,stress,working,gravity,infections,viruses,loud sounds,rubs,creams,pills,people,food,beverages,etc,etc.Air bubbles and dissolved air in fluids in IV bags,tubes and syringes is being injected into people,strokes and deaths.Sniffing deaths.Operating table and bed murders and people being numbed by the dentist.People are being euthanized in hospitals and hospices.They're pulling and grabbing peoples sleeping genitals,turning peoples places into a hotel/outhouse and anally attacking colon cleansed people .Surrounded by the future,the past and nightlights,barking dogs,abductions,disappearances,suicides,murders,cuts,suffocations,draining energy.Being pulled towards the future or the past with your iron coins and other materials your in contact with and surrounded by,people are disappearing,people are being replaced with clones,robots,etc,people travelling back in time are being attacked,getting into accidents or sending messages.People are travelling to the future and to the past.Aliens,people are visiting and sometimes leaving this world,which worlds and times are they from?They're stealing peoples DNA,cloning,growing,making and using the clones.The souls of the dead and others are travelling into other peoples bodies to be young and healthy.Connected minds communicating.Some people know other peoples thoughts and are communicating telepathically,interuptions,influencing,scolding,interference,torturing and controlling peoples minds and bodies and murdering and bothering other people listen to the sounds similar to the heat bug and electronic sounds.Body twPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1566750177093.png (3.79 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


I'm extremely butthurt because I said some certain things that can used against me because of laws and I don't want to have a criminal past because it'd keep me having good jobs in future.

I can't delete it and requested to admin to flush it down but he is afk at the moment and I'm very anxious.

also general blogposting
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>What use we have?

Yes, that was the question. If you got amount that you can just eat, it is ok. I'm asking because often people harvesting more than could eat until the food is spoiling.

For example, I've gathered some gooseberry and blackcurrant (not my own actually, but friend asked to collect some because she had too much), and ended with freezing most of them because I couldn't eat them in time (even considering that I made drink with them). But they are compact and could be placed in refrigerator. Same problem exist with apples, but there are no place to store them.

Considering grapes, I know only about using them in wine (of course), juice and simple eating.


Different fruits demands different treatment.
Grapes can stay on the vines for a while. If illnesses don't attack them they could simply just hang until it's freezing. They would loose water eventually, turning into raisins slowly (some wineries leave them out until they get bitten by the frost which makes them more sweet, only then they make wine out of them, they call the final product icewine). We leave them there and only bring as much we eat at one sitting. Sometimes we press juice (must) out of them and drink that, like last year. We don't have too much (liek a dozen vines or so) and just treat them as something that can be eaten only seasonally.
Fruits growing on trees however will drop by themselves if not harvested - and decay on the ground. So they need to be eaten or processed. Alcohol (spirits or cider) is one way, we do it with plums for example. But from plums I also tried and succeeded to make fruit leather (you can see it in the cooking thread on end/kc, I think grapes could be made into fruit leather too), which basically dried fruit without the peel. I think drying is the less work intensive processing. Canning or making jam demands much time. So I leave that to my me mom.
I think with your apples your best bet would be drying. Slice them thin and put them to a place with much direct sunlight and breeze. Alternatively driers can be purchased (needs electricity, but in a commieblock that would be the way). Then store them in a dry place, maybe in paper or cotton/canvas bags. Sadly, I don't have experience in drying apples.
Berries, you can freeze them as you did, or making jam. Or syrups(!) but again I've no experience in that. Also one great way to consume them is milkshake.


If you wish you can reply here, if you have something. I pop in to this place almost every day.
But for a new topic we should use End.


File: 1567112880548-0.jpg (162.15 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, img_0064.jpg)

File: 1567112880548-1.jpg (570.49 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, img_0051.jpg)

File: 1567112880548-2.jpg (482.33 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 2007.jpg)

File: 1567112880548-3.jpg (488.83 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 2007-2.jpg)

I had some experience with grapes too, long ago my grandma had summer house in south part of Russia (I've posted photos from there) and there were plenty of grapes. As far as I remember, they were used only for wine (and occasional eating).

>I think with your apples your best bet would be drying. Slice them thin and put them to a place with much direct sunlight and breeze. Alternatively driers can be purchased (needs electricity, but in a commieblock that would be the way). Then store them in a dry place, maybe in paper or cotton/canvas bags. Sadly, I don't have experience in drying apples.

Yes, driers are relatively common thing here. I still don't know what to do, but at least I found some people who like apples and gave them few dozens, so burden is lessened.

>Berries, you can freeze them as you did, or making jam. Or syrups(!) but again I've no experience in that.

I've did something like mors: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mors_(drink)

Got juice using colander and muscle power, took remains, boiled it for few minutes with small amount of sugar, then separated liquid and added juice from first step. It was relatively good, although this thing aren't good for long term storage. But storing frozen berries is ok for me.


File: 1567144544989.jpg (150.27 KB, 1500x1245, 100:83, dehydrator.jpg)

Those are very nice vines, healthy leafs as far as I can tell. I wish ours were like that.
Dehydrators can be used to dry other foodstuff, and they need only some water and heat to re-hydrate them.
Apples can be stored for a few months in cool (but not freezing), dry places. They will evaporate moisture and dry slowly and become less appetizing but still consumable. Maybe even until spring. We get our apples from the market or from acquaintances, sometimes in "larger" quantities, we put them such place and we hope for the best. And end up throwing out part of it.
I think some strain of apples are better for this than others.



This is "The Blackened Mantle", a fan edit of the three Star Wars prequels. All voices are taken from the Japanese dub, which accurately represents characters and transmits emphasis. The dub is merely a placeholder and what's on the subtitles has no relation to it: all the dialogue is new and overall better, with a more personal focus: some lines in duels are now about characters rather than tactical conditions. All three movies are sewn together in less than three hours of screentime: Revenge of the Sith is the main line and proceeds in a linear fashion interspersed with flashbacks to the previous two installments. The flashbacks are broadly, but not always, linear, and only some parts of the first two films are shown; each flashback fits within what happens before or after it, sometimes very well.
Some things are omitted for brevity, and others, for real change. A few details are changed for tension, the lore is a bit different, one scene has a different order and a side character gets a plot twist while the main characters get some important differences from the original to increase emotional pressure. Cut footage is used. The overall plot is the same, with a magnifying glass on Anakin Skywalker's tragedy.
It works very well and leads up to a finale that's visually the same (and the visuals are heroic) but emotionally stronger than the original. Not that the original was bad. I think at least Poland will like this.
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Some images don't show up from the main page but are still there when opened as separate tabs.

>most recent post is by Bogdan

Shameful display.


>most recent post is by Bogdan
Yes, I had a little giggle.


>So I only saw the first released from the new ones,
From the 00s prequels or this decade's Disney movies? The latter are a complete waste of time, don't touch them. The former are underappreciated.
Blackened Mantle assumes you've seen the original material, but you might aswell go ahead and watch it without knowing the original as it's a lot less time. There's a risk the non-linear structure can be confusing, but the plot's development will also be more rewarding.


From the 00s prequels. The first with Jar-Jar. Beside them only the original, no Disney at all.


The Phantom Menace is more of a prologue, the famous "machete order" of watching (IV > V > II > III > VI) just skips it because all of its information can be gleamed from the next two installments.
So you'll have surprises and see things for the first time but won't be completely groundless.

File: 1566664516607-0.jpg (1.21 MB, 2304x1728, 4:3, Music1.jpg)

File: 1566664516607-1.mp3 (4.58 MB, 15 Mrs. Mcgrath.mp3)


Here's music:
Fiddler's Green. Germans playing Irish punk folk:
I really fond of their cover of Mrs McGrath

Also I came across a serious puzzle I can't resolve, so I thought I ask Bernd. First the song:
What is a gigi?
How it is generated?
Why Fred Durst is so flustered people talking shit of his way of generating gigis?
Doesn't he realize if he would do it better he would get less criticism?
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>The mathews bridge is in jacksonville, which is where limp bizkit is from.
>they went to my high school.

Really? Sounds pretty cool.

Did you ever hang out with them? What were they like?

I unironically like a few of their early songs


Maybe they were went there in different times/earlier.


>I unironically like a few of their early songs
I've never listened any albums of them so I only know those with video clips. They have catchy parts. When these songs came in the nu-metal era out I was already set on more traditional metal and punk, so I thoroughly shat on them back then.


Nah, they went there like 20 years before me


Dudder is really a teenbro huh.

File: 1563571545573.png (5.76 MB, 2560x1699, 2560:1699, ClipboardImage.png)


Post all updates, happenings, rants, restaurants and questions about this glorious city in this thread.
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Huh, they didn't get the memo.


File: 1566769762139.gif (179.19 KB, 494x665, 26:35, american bear.gif)

Where can one acquire burgers in Kansas City?


File: 1566798197751.png (164.59 KB, 996x832, 249:208, 1492057833001.png)


File: 1566842263235.png (124.05 KB, 680x568, 85:71, 136074859242.png)



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